GORGEOUS ENTERTAINMENT INC. is a New York-based theater, film and special events production company, founded in 1997 by Kumiko Yoshii and Michael Wolk.

Gorgeous theatre credits include the 2005 Tony-nominated Pacific Overtures (also presented at Lincoln Center and Kennedy Center), Up in the Air (commissioned by and performed at the Kennedy Center in 2008, featuring a score by Henry Krieger), with book and lyrics by Bill Russell (Sideshow), and direction by Amon Miyamoto (Pacific Overtures); A Class Act (Broadway, Tokyo), Big River (U.S. national tour, Tokyo), Summer of ’42 (Off-Broadway), Macbeth (BAM) and A Collection of Modern Noh Plays (Lincoln Center).

CURRENTLY, Gorgeous is working with All For One (AFO), a theater organization that presents solo shows. For more information on AFO Solo Theater, please visit: www.afo.nyc

Gorgeous film credits include the award-winners You Think You Really Know Me: The Gary Wilson Story (Plexifilm), and Yukie and Oriume (both released theatrically in Japan).

Special events include Japan Day @ Central Park and The Festival of Japanese Food and Culture, and the Anime Masterpieces series which presents the best in Japanese animated feature films at universities and museums.

Gorgeous also acts as the production liaison for the presentation of Broadway musicals such as The Producers, Urinetown and The Sound of Music in Japan.

Kumiko Yoshii is the President of Gorgeous Entertainment. Her selected producing credits prior to joining The John Gore Organization include Pacific Overtures (Broadway), Big River (North American Tour), The Producers (Japan) and The Sound of Music (Japan). She is also the Executive Producer of Japan Day @ Central Park, an annual event in its 12th year. She serves as a member of the Board of Directors of The New Group. She is a recipient of the 10th annual Outstanding 50 Asian Americans in Business Award, and she was acknowledged by the Minister of National Policy of Japan for her outstanding contributions and activities representing Japan in 2012. She has a MFA in Performing Arts Management from The City University of New York.

Michael Wolk is the CEO of Gorgeous Entertainment. He is a producer, writer, composer and director. He has produced on Broadway (Pacific Overtures); at Lincoln Center (Musashi, Temple of the Golden Pavillion); at BAM (Macbeth); Kennedy Center (Up In The Air); and in Central Park (Japan Day @ Central Park since its inception in 2007). His writing credits include screenplays (Innocent Blood, Warner Bros., (directed by John Landis), mystery novels (The Beast On Broadway, Signet); and plays (Femme Fatale, Broadway Play Publishing). He also wrote the book, music and lyrics for Deep Cover, which premiered at the 2009 New York Musical Theatre Festival. He has directed plays and films including the award-winning documentary You Think You Really Know Me: The Gary Wilson Story, which screened at the Film Society of Lincoln Center and is available on Plexifilm DVD. He also wrote the book for the musical Iron Chef with Tony-winning composer Mark Hollmann. He is also the Artistic Director of All For One Solo Theater. He is a member of the Dramatists Guild. His personal gallery of work can be found at WolkTransfer.com.

ゴージャス・エンターテイメントは1997年に吉井久美子とマイケル・ウォークによって設立された、ニューヨークを拠点とする演劇、映画、スペシャルイベントの制作会社である。主な舞台作品は「金閣寺」、「太平洋序曲」(演出・宮本亜門、リンカーンセンター・フェスティバル)、「太平洋序曲」(ブロードウェイ再演、演出・宮本亜門、トニー賞4部門ノミネート)、「クラス・アクト」(ブロードウェイ、東京)、「マクベス」(演出・蜷川幸雄、BAM)、「ブンナよ、木からおりてこい」(演出・宮本亜門、ケネディーセンター)、「ビッグ・リバー」(北米ツアー、東京)、「ファンタスティックス」(演出・宮本亜門、ロンドン・ウエストエンド)、「プロデューサーズ」(東京)、「サウンド・オブ・ミュージック」(東京)等。プロダクション・コーディネーション作品は、「アイ・ガット・マーマン」、「ユーリンタウン」、「スカーレット・ピンパーネル」、「アンナ・カレーニナ」、「ペテン師と詐欺師」、「ドロウジー・シャペロン」等。主な映画は、「You Think You Really Know Me: The Gary Wilson Story」、「ユキエ」、「折り梅」。 スペシャルイベントは、国連60周年を記念した東山魁夷・汪蕪生の「東洋の心—山水の美」展示会、「Asian Artists & Concerts」(国連総会ホール)、「和田アキ子40周年記念コンサート」(アポロシアター)、「Hand in Hand – First Concert」(ジャズ @ リンカーンセンター・ローズシアター)、毎年恒例の野外イベント「Japan Day @ セントラルパーク」等。NYの日本人コミュニーティーが日本文化の紹介を目的に始めた「Japan Day @ セントラルパーク」は、2017年5月に第11回目を迎えた。